Standard Gloveboxes

Double-sided Three Port (6-port)s glovebox


Overall dimensions

2300x1000x2000 mm(WxDxH)


Working space1500-1800x1000x900 mmWxDxH
Material of construction304 stainless steel (SS), toughened (or tempered) glass panel
FeedthroughFour KF 40 flanges sealed with blank caps
Internal storage Fixed or adjustable shelves, 304 SS. Dim 1090x210 mm (WxD)
Glove Ports6

Large antechamber

LocationRight or left mounted
DimensionsID 370x600 mm
Material304 SS
TransferSliding tray, 304 SS

Modes of Operation

Manual and automatic operations 

Small antechamber

LocationRight or left mounted
DimensionsID 150x300 mm
Material304 SS
Transfer Sliding tray


StandAdjustable levelers and castors for easy mobility

Gas Purification System

Gas purification Catalyst and molecular sieves for O2 and H2O removall.
Circulation blowerLow heat output, no water-cooling required.
Solvent purification column

Activated carbon to remove solvents and prolong catalyst lifetime.

Touchscreen controller

Features7” high-resolution touch screen panel


Leakage Rate<0.001vol%/h
Impurity levels
<1 ppm H2O
<1 ppm O2


Vacuum pump – Edwards RV-12 vacuum pump standard. Scroll pumps are also available.
Oxygen analyzer – Auto-ranging General Electric Oxy-IQ, replaceable fuel cell sensor
Moisture analyzer – Capacitance-based analyzers by Michelle or Xentaur

Double-sided Three Port (6-port)s glovebox

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