Vigor Gas Purification Technologies (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.

Vigor is a publicly traded company, specializing in inert gas purification technologies and equipment, and provides complete solutions to any inert atmosphere research problem. Founded by scientists, Vigor employs scientists and glovebox users, from various backgrounds (chemistry, materials, chemical engineering-just to name a few!). Vigor scientists possess many years of academic and industrial experiences innovel gas purification materials and ultra-pure gas purification processes (ppm to ppb). Vigor has developed many innovative technologies and the world’s leading technologies in glovebox seal, Vigor is constantly innovating and holds many patents

With broad experience and expertise, Vigor provides the best glovebox and purification systems on the market, and also ready to work together with clients to solve any new or challenging research problems.


1979 - 89  Peking Univ., Inorganic Chemistry, BS, MS, Ph.D.
Lanthanide Coordination Chemistry, Advisor: Guangxiang Xu
1989 - 94  Univ. of Kansas, Bio-Inorganic Chemistry
Transition metal Coordination Chemistry, Hemoglobin and enzymes Mimics;
Advisor: Daryle H. Busch   (ACS president)
1995 - 96 Pacific Northwest National Lab, Postdoctoral Fellow
Computational Chemistry, Design ligands by molecular mechanics
1996–2005 Praxair Technology Center, Tonawanda, New York, Senior Scientist
Led a team to develop New Adsorbents
Research on Gas separation and gas purification technologies
Led a team to develop TaN ALD Precursors

Research Field

As a high-tech equipment manufacturer, Vigor constantly performs R&D to solve new technical challenges and ensure long term growth.

Research fields include:    
Application of various gas purification technologies in inert atmosphere equipment  
Application of gloveboxes in new energy fields
Drying technology for organic solvents and solids
The effects of organic solvents on gas purification materials
Testing moisture and oxygen analyzers
Accurate measurement of water content in liquids and solids
Development of lithium battery production technology

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